November 1 - November 3, 2024

Move To Mexico Conference

The Move to Mexico Virtual Conference 2024 is a comprehensive event tailored for aspiring expats considering relocation to Mexico.

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Move To Mexico Summit

Move to Mexico

Conference 2024

The Move to Mexico Virtual Conference 2024 is a comprehensive event tailored for aspiring expats considering relocation to Mexico. It targets a diverse audience, including those interested in experiencing Mexico’s rich culture, parents seeking multicultural experiences for their children, retirees looking for affordable living options, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

This virtual conference is perfect for individuals who seek:

  • A culturally rich environment
  • Better quality of life for their money
  • Proximity to family and friends
  • Sustainable income opportunities
  • International educational options for their children
  • Affordable healthcare in retirement

Key Highlights/Topics:

Understanding Your WHY: Group discussions on personal motivations for moving to Mexico. Discussing the various dynamics of moving abroad as a family or individual.

Cultural, Geographical, and Traditional Insights: Educational sessions about Mexico’s culture and geography.

Safety in Mexico: Guest speakers addressing safety aspects of living in Mexico. The Cartels | Our Group & Local Expert w/ Q&A session.

Cost of Living: Detailed examples from expats about living costs in various parts of Mexico. Our Group | Itemized list of expenses compared to where we were in the U.S. 
Q&A session with expert(s).

Immigration Process: Guidance from an immigration consultant. Q&A session with expert(s).

Real Estate: Insights on buying, renting, and investing in property in Mexico. Q&A session with expert(s).

Key Highlights/Topics:

Financial Management: Strategies for managing finances in Mexico. Q&A session with expert(s).

Cultural Education & Norms: Understanding Mexican cultural norms. 

Psychological Effects of Living Abroad: Discussions on the emotional impacts of relocation. Q&A session with expert(s).

Moving Logistics: Practical advice on shipping and moving to Mexico. Q&A session with expert(s).

Health & Wellness: Exploring healthcare options and Health & Wellness while living abroad. Q&A session with expert(s).

Starting a Business: Legal considerations and business setup advice from individuals who have brick and mortar business in Mexico. Q&A session with expert(s).

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02:00 PM

Welcome and Introduction

Michelle Wedderburn

Michelle Wedderburn

03:00 PM

Understanding Your WHY

04:00 PM

Cultural, Geographical, and Traditional Insights

05:00 PM

Safety in Mexico

06:00 PM

Cost of Living